How it Works

Casambi uses an advanced stand-alone Bluetooth mesh network of interconnected operational nodes, embedded in every light fixture to create a system powered by Bluetooth Low Energy. Our easy-to-use software interface then allows you to control whatever a lighting infrastructure requires, whether in a single room,
a floor, or an entire building itself.


Lighting control that adapts to your projects, new or retrofit. Our software and wireless node components can be delivered in three different ways:

  • Casambi Module & Driver

    Our modules allow for integration of any traditional driver into the Casambi system, letting you create a fully connected lighting network.

  • Casambi Driver

    Casambi-ready drivers eliminate a step and allow for managing operation functions like zoning and scenes, also.

  • Casambi Chip

    When installed in a luminaire, our chip creates a network that’s changeable from entire facilities down to a single light fixture.

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Casambi is the core of an entire ecosystem of products, making your job a lot easier. Choose from our own native products, or our partners: among which are a vast number of today’s leading manufacturers.



Take a look at Casambi in use around the globe.